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2019 Top 100 MBE Award Recipient

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Our Commitments

To our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community:

  • Provide qualified interpreters that match your skill & language needs.

  • Provide excellent customer service.

  • Provide pro-bono services when appropriate to support the community.

  • Listen to your feedback and to be open for improvement.

  • To advocate for your rights to communication access.

To our Interpreters and the Interpreting Community:

  • Provide transparency and complete assignment details for all assignments.

  • Fair pay & competitive rates that match your skills, certification and expertise.

  • To advocate for the interpreting profession.

  • To give back to our profession by serving as a mentor to the local Interpreter Training Program interpreters.

  • To provide opportunities to grow & develop with workshops and trainings.


  • To provide top quality interpreting services at an affordable price.

  • To customize interpreting services needs that tailor to all parties.

  • To provide quality customer service from scheduling, on-site support, to paying for services.

  • To invoice in a timely manner.

Deaf people can do anything hearing people can do, except hear.
— I. King Jordan, Former Gallaudet University President


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